Training holidays

To improve you don't need to be at home, climbing in same gym over and over again. The best way of training is when you are having fun and for this you need lots of sun, rocks and good company. One of the cool destinations that has all this and we can go for training camp there is GreceLeonidio or Kalymnos

So if you would like to climb/train here, contact me and we can organize a perfect TripTrainig Camp

All photos by: Kieran Dunca (Leonidio) and Tim Muller (Kalimnos)

Sideways is sometimes the way up

Get all the endurance you need
Enjoy the view
Master the Art of Kneebars

Find the best way up the rock
Hanging on one hand is not always an answer :)

Heel hooks and toe hooks are the most important

Find the rest you need

Enjoy the way up and relax

Share the beta and experiences
Find the best rest you can
And smile
Even if you fall you still need to learn something from that

Find a happy place

Enjoy the view again
And climb in the worlds best crags